The 5 hour course cost 420.000 Colombian pesos.

  • Learn to surf on a way that you can surf independently.
  • We teach you how to understand the sea (currents, wave’s formation, different types of breakers, etc.). We show you how to love and respect the environment and the nature.
  • We teach you to understand the culture, history and philosophy and rules in surf to make sure that our students will respect other surfers.
  • We teach you all the safety and security norms to enjoy this sport from the beginning and with total confidence.
  • We teach you different techniques to stand up on the board.
  • We teach you several techniques of rowing and how to rise up the waves (duck dive and eskimo-roll).– The conditions vary from one beach to another, tides and breakers.
  • We include stretching, warm up and breathing before getting into the water. – Dynamic and good fun lessons.
  • We teach you how to take your first waves, correct timing and position on the peak.
  • We teach you how to get more speed.
  • Style correction. A good style = a good surfer.
  • Take off and Bottom turn.
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